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Red Jasper -Rolled stone

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Help to take out periods of big nervous or physical fatigue by restoring some deep and long-lasting energy.

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Rolled stone: Red Jasper


The red jasper is favourable to situations that require bodily involvement, it supports physical activity. It provides endurance and enthusiasm.


Helps to get out of periods of extreme nervous or physical fatigue by restoring deep and lasting energy. Gives the strength and courage to assert oneself, to face the difficulties of life. Wearing around the neck for a long period of time, it invalidates inferiority complexes, anxieties and apprehensions.


Accelerates healing, activates blood circulation and regulates the liver. Strengthens the male sexual organs and thus fights against impotence


Chakras: Solar - basic


Divinities: Callisto - Callisto - Bona Dea - Siegfried


Purification: Running water

Cleaning: Pure salt, saltwater

Reloading: Sun


Origin of the name: Gagès stone (Turkish town and river) - Family: Microcrystalline quartz - Colours: brick red sometimes veined - Deposits: United States, France, England, Spain


On no account minerals cannot nor have to substitute themselves for your medical treatment. The indications and the diverse properties which can be found lithothérapie there relate especially to the tradition, for generally noticed, but unchecked effects scientifically. In case of medical, alone problems your doctor is authorized to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.

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