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Incense burner: witch witch staff

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Incense burner specially designed for "backflow" cones, thus causing a phenomenon of smoke emission by downward suction

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Backflow" incense burner:  Witch with Staff


Incense burner specially designed for "backflow" cones, causing a phenomenon of smoke release by downward suction. The witch's magic makes the smoke come out in the crystal carverne.





Supplied with 1 cones (unscented)


Approximate burning time: 30 min.


Made of resin


Instructions :

1 - Place the backflow incense cone in the center of the hole on the backflow burner.

2 - Carefully light the cone with a match or lighter to begin the flow effect.


Important :

The flowing effect requires a quiet environment. Therefore, the burner must be placed inside a room.

Use only backflow cone incense. Standard cone incense will not create the flow effect.

Once the incense is burned, there may be slight residue on the burner. This is caused by the natural oil precipitate and is considered normal. Use a damp cloth to remove the residue if you wish to clean the burner. Please protect the furniture properly

For indoor use only

Each small reflow incense burner is equipped with a protective mat on which to place it. Please note, however, that this protective mat does not protect against heat under any circumstances.




Dimensions :

Width: 7.5 cm

Height: 23 cm

Depth: 9 cm


Read the precautions for use provided

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