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Incense burner in the shape of a cauldron
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Witch's Cauldron : Triketra

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Terracotta bowl with three feet - perfect for incense burner, offering bowl or smudge bowl

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Smudge pot : Triketra

Nice clay bowl decorated with a Triquetra to use as an incense burner, smudge pot or offering bowl.


Safety is very important when burning smudge in your home (cleaning with smoke). Whether you are burning palo santo, white sage, sweetgrass or incense cones, these purification bowls and pots are made of clay and are heat resistant.


These pots have a simplistic, almost primitive design and are decorated with the Triquetra symbol. Triquetra means "triangle" in Latin. Although this symbol was already found on Native American religious images dating back more than 5000 years, it is now considered a Celtic symbol (from the 8th century) with intertwined circles. It represents the trinity of life, death and rebirth, body, mind and soul. It is also called the triple goddess.


Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 7 cm

Three feet for more stability



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