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» » » Pendulum séphoroton: White Opal
Pendulum in natural stone of conical shape
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Pendulum séphoroton: White Opal

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Natural stone pendulum - The divinatory pendulum ball is very precise and accurate in its answers

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Natural stone clock: White opal

White opal is a mineral that vibrates on the same wavelength as its owner, it adorns itself with its states of mind, its emotions and transcends them.


Opal is a soothing stone that balances mood swings and builds confidence in your own feelings. It is also a comforting support stone for those who are grieving. Excellent contact stone with higher spirits.

White opal is used at the crown chakra to facilitate communication with others.

Opals contain water so do not expose them to sunlight as they become fragile and break.


The sephoroton pendulum is very sensitive to vibrations, hence its reputation for precision and accuracy. By its shape it provides protection (circle) and amplification of perceptions (tip). He is not subject to external influences

Every being has latent psychic powers. Radiesthesia belongs to them. More precisely in the field of clairvoyance.


Size: 4 x 2 cm

Chain length: 16 cm


Silver plated metal



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