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Pendant: Black Obsidian

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Natural stone pendant. Black obsidian is a powerful protective stone

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Stone pendant : Black Obsidian


The black obsidian is known to neutralize the powerful negative spiritual flows and thus, to move away the evil eye by playing the protection


Pendant made of natural stone and guaranteed silver 925/1000e. Dimensions of the pendant : 2,2 x 3,2 x 0,8 cm

Properties :

- Mental and physical protection

- Against the evil eye and evil spells

- Soothes difficult characters

- Understanding of harmful actions

- Soothing and comforting

- Against one's own negativity


(to be avoided by hyper sensitive people, the power of this stone could have a negative effect)

Lithotherapy :

    Digestive problems
    Boosts our internal energy flows
    Detoxifying action on the body by relieving it of its tensions
    Against cramps
    Blood circulation
    Anti sadness

Chakras : root


Divinities : Itzpapalotla - Tezcatlipoca


Purification :

Cleansing : salt, crystalline cluster

Recharging : Sun - Quartz cluster - Amethyst geode

Description: The obsidian stone celestial eye results from the contact between water and lava, when this one pours in a lake or an ocean. This stone is a vitreous rock of volcanic origin. The iron and magnesium taken in large quantities reveal a mixture of dark green, brown, black and violet hues.

In no case can or should minerals replace your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy are mainly related to tradition, for effects that are generally observed, but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor is entitled to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.





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