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Ostara Soap: Honey

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Savon naturelle à base de Propolis. Pour vous préparer à vos rituels liés à l'amour et au renouveau

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Ostara" soap: Propolis (honey)

What protects the hive and the swarm of bees from bacteria and the cold is the propolis collected by the bees.

A complex mixture of plant resins, pollen, wax and saliva secretions made by bees.

Propolis collected in the hive is made up of :

resins and balms 50 to 55%.
wax 30 to 40
volatile or essential oils 5 to 10
pollen 5%.
miscellaneous materials 5
First magical influence: Love
Personal preparation for the rituals of :

- Finding newness in your relationship

- New relationship

- New friendship

- Smoothing a situation 


In daily use :

- Antiseptic

- Bactericide

- Anti-inflammatory

- Anti fungal

- Healing


They are made by hand using the traditional cold production method in Spain.
These soaps based on vegetable oils have many beneficial properties for the skin. They are also paraben-free. 

 Please note that, as these soaps are handmade, the colours may vary slightly.


Suitable for all skin types.

Soap bar from 70 to 80 g

Dye free

Handmade in Spain


Ingredients: sodium palmate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, glycerin, perfume, cera alba, geraniol, turmeric longa root powder, tocopheryl acetate, linalool, propylene glycol, alph-isomethyl ionone, Propolis Cera, CI 19140, CI 14720, CI 42045

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