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» » » Set of 5 natural stones: Protection

Set of 5 natural stones: Protection

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Set of 5 natural stones specially chosen for their protective barrier properties

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In a small jute pouch, set of 5 stones promoting courage to face one's fears and protection

Natural stones

Sizes between 1 and 2 cm

Small pouch of 7 x 7 cm

To be kept near you on your bedside table or under your pillow

Amethyst :

- Dispels unreasonable fears and phobias.

- Supports any fight against physical or psychological dependence (alcohol, tobacco, video games, sexuality...).

- Opens the imagination and promotes dreams.

- Provides a healthy and restful sleep to anyone who is used to dreams but imposes restless nights on others.

- Intuition

Tiger's eye:

- A great protective stone, it creates a mirror around oneself that reflects negative energies back to their origin.

- It helps to counteract the bad thoughts of envious people and minor spells that may be directed at us.

-Helps to identify our needs and preferences in our life choices and in our relationships.

Lapis Lazuli :

- Considered by the Egyptians as a stone of travel for the soul of the deceased, it allows in a word the overcoming. Overcoming preconceived ideas, difficulties and inner conflicts, this stone favours both the identification of our knots and the open-mindedness necessary to work out solutions leading to their unravelling.

- A powerful thought amplifier, it stimulates intelligence, imagination and creativity. Lapis lazuli allows you to express your opinions and settles conflicts. This stone teaches the value of active listening.

- Lapis Lazuli is a protective stone that puts you in contact with the guardian spirits.

Red Jasper :

- Helps to overcome periods of great nervous or physical fatigue by restoring deep and lasting energy.

- Gives strength and courage to assert oneself and to face life's difficulties.

- Worn around the neck for a long time, it invalidates inferiority complexes, anxieties and apprehensions.

Grey Agate :

- Soothing, calm, anti-stress, against parasitic thoughts

- Anchoring

- Chance Energetic unblocking

- Stabilisation of the aura

- Self-confidence

- Courage in difficult times

- Brings sincerity and helps you to speak your mind

- Promotes clairvoyance

- Protection, neutralizes negative energies

- Promotes deep sleep, anti nightmare

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