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» » » Set of 4 natural stones: Luck

Set of 4 natural stones: Luck

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Set of 4 natural stones specially chosen for their properties bringing opportunities and luck

Dispatched within 1 day

In a small jute pouch, set of 5 stones to promote your luck and create opportunities

Natural stones

Sizes between 1 and 2 cm

Small pouch of 7 x 7 cm

To keep on your bedside table or under your pillow

Eye of the tiger :

- A great stone of protection, it creates a mirror around oneself that reflects negative energies back to their origin.

- It helps to counteract the bad thoughts of envious people and minor spells that may be directed at us.

- Helps to identify our needs and preferences in our life choices and in our relationships.

Black obsidian :

- Mental and physical protection

- Against the evil eye and curses

- Soothes difficult characters

- Understanding of harmful actions

- Soothing and comforting

- Against one's own negativity

Green aventurine :

- Calming of the heart

- Anti-stress

- Self-control

- Against preconceived ideas

Blue Howlite :

- Clarifies the mind and leads to conscious and thoughtful decisions.

- Brings autonomy of mind and action.

- Anti depression

- Balances energies

- Self-understanding

Opalite (synthetic stone):

- Sleep

- Anti nightmare

- Self-confidence

- Self-esteem

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