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» » » Set of 5 natural stones: Dreams

Set of 5 natural stones: Dreams

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Set of 5 natural stones specially chosen for their properties to bring intuition, imagination and dream interpretation

Dispatched within 1 day

In a small jute pouch, set of 5 stones for sleep and dream interpretation

Natural stones

Sizes between 1 and 2 cm

Small pouch of 7 x 7 cm

To keep close to you on your bedside table or under your pillow

Amethyst :

- Dispels unreasonable fears and phobias.

- Supports any fight against physical or psychological dependence (alcohol, tobacco, video games, sexuality...).

- Opens the imagination and promotes dreams.

- Provides a healthy and restful sleep to anyone who is used to dreams but imposes restless nights on others.

- Intuition

Yellow Aventurine :

- Soft and energizing vibration

- Dynamism

- Anti-stress

- Calming

- Positive outlook

- Patience

Black obsidian :

- Mental and physical protection

- Against the evil eye and curses

- Soothes difficult characters

- Understanding of harmful actions

- Soothing and comforting

- Against one's own negativity

Rock Quartz :

- Clarifies our ideas and emotions, chasing away the superfluous and reinforcing our convictions and ideals.

- Enhances the properties of the stones that accompany it and gives them more power when their effects are too discreet. All types of programming are possible with rock crystal, which makes it the universal stone in lithotherapy

Turquoise :

- Curative

- Soothing

- Against anger

- Increases empathy

- Personal growth

- Communication and listening

- Intuition and meditation

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