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Egyptian type divinatory clock, made of natural stone
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Thot pendulum: Fluorite

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Natural stone pendulum - Inspired by the Egyptian pendulum, this divinatory pendulum is an excellent receiver/transmitter.

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Natural stone pendulum : Fluorine


Fairy stone - Excellent tool for telepathy, in meditation it symbolises balance. It is also used to stabilise the aura, for form, radiance and positioning - promotes open-mindedness and creativity



The "thot" pendulum adapts very quickly to its user and is suitable for both laymen and insiders. Excellent receiver/transmitter, it remains neutral and indifferent to external influences.  Versatile, it is suitable for all uses.

Every being has latent psychic powers. Radiesthesia belongs to them. More precisely in the field of clairvoyance.


Size: 5 x 15 cm


Chain length: 20 cm


Silver plated metal


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