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Natural beeswax plate

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100% beeswax plate, no chemicals and no dyes, dark golden color. Ideal for making your own candles

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Make your own ritual candles with these natural beeswax plates

In magic, beeswax candles absorb and repel negative energies from a place.  They are also used for their purifying properties.

In classic use, they bring a pure and brilliant light thus attenuating the ocular tiredness. They allow, thanks to their sweet fragrance, to relax, to relieve stress and to help meditation.

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting, here are some examples:

- Decide on a goal, visualize the end result and focus your intention or will to achieve the desired outcome.

- Embed a scroll in your candle

- Coat the wick with magic oil or essential oil

- Engrave your wish with a needle before winding your candle

100% beeswax, no chemicals, no dyes

Being a 100% natural product, its color and smell may vary depending on its origin

To make your candles last longer, place them in the refrigerator for a few hours

Approximate size : 13 x 10 cm

Approximate weight : 20 grs

Sold by the unit

How to create your beeswax candles :

1. Before working the wax, let it rest in a room at 20°C, then soak the plates in warm water for 1 to 2 minutes to make them more flexible.

2. Dry them with a towel.

3. Place the impregnated cotton wick on the left side of one of the plates and let it protrude (on one side only) by about 2 cm.

4. Then wrap the wax plate around the wick. If you want to make a thicker candle, you can wrap a second plate around the first one.


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