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Nag champa - Ethno tribal incense

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Helps to reduce the negative aspects and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs.

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Renowned for promoting relaxation, harmony and inner calm, Nag Champa incense lifts the spirit and balances energies
Incense of Wonders, Nag Champa, is a heavenly fragrance. Its name is derived from Magnolia Champaka, Plumeria and the flower of the Couripita tree. Grown as a divine plant, it is considered sacred and traditionally burned in meditative ceremonies, as its universal fragrance evokes emotions of longing, passion and relaxation in those who use it. Nag Champa incense used in rituals is valuable because of its potential anti-stress effect.


Properties : Concentration - Anti-stress - Motivation - Creativity - Anti-depression - Reduces anxiety - Sleep - Self-confidence - Aphrodisiac -

Gods / Goddesses: Ganesh

    Composition: Hand rolled quality incense sticks made from resin and plant.
    Burning time: 30 Minutes
    Weight: 15 grs
    Height: 23.5 cm

A prayer of purification

I ask for peace of body, mind and soul.

Give me stability and help me to feel whole.

My mind is now silent, calm and still.

I thank you for your calming energy, a wish you are granting.

About Ethno Tribal:

The turtle

The symbol of luck!

It is associated with longevity, protection and fertility.

 The turtle can live on land and in water and therefore mediates between the two.

Banjara's commitments

    Banjara incense is environmentally friendly.
    They are made entirely by hand.
    Every purchase of Banjara products supports the livelihoods of indigenous workers in India
    Every purchase of Banjara products supports the association.
    We do not test any of our products on animals.
    The quality of our products is always our top priority.



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