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» » » » Activated fumigation bomb: Myrrh & Oliban

Activated fumigation bomb: Myrrh & Oliban

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This little "bomb" is to be burnt for your rituals linked to clarity and healing.

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This blend of Myrrh, Olibanum, Benzoin, Paolo Santo, Rosemary and Rue in a natural binder is perfect for purification.

    Myrrh: Purification and Clarity
    Olibanum: Purification and Healing
    Benjoin : Opening and Divine Light
    Paolo Santo : Healing and Balance
    Rosemary: Connection
    Rue : Protection


This beautiful pack contains eight spheres, each of which burns vigorously for around 10 minutes, then smoulders for a few minutes longer.

The smudge bombs are excellent for outdoor use. But if you have enough air and ventilation, they can also be used indoors.

A lot of purifying smoke is released (really), which likes to be supported by fresh air from outside so that the renewed energy also flows into the "literal" and "everyday".

When you've used these "bombita" outside, it can also be nice to bring that energy back inside during burning.


Use for smudging. The smudge bomb will burn for about 10 minutes.

Each box contains 8 ready-to-use smudge bombs.

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