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» » » » My magical rituals: Harmonisation of the 7 chakras

My magical rituals: Harmonisation of the 7 chakras

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These simple and intuitive boxes allow everyone to discover or practice rituals aimed at self-fulfilment. To begin or to deepen your magical practice

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My ritual box: the chakras release all their energy


According to traditional Indian medicine, when one of the 7 chakras is out of balance, the balance of the body and mind is disturbed. Just like a wheel, a chakra needs to turn in order to harmonise. As soon as one of the chakras is out of balance, the whole energy system is disturbed and well-being is called into question.

Discover the Omsaé 7 Chakras Harmonisation Rituals box to ensure the proper circulation of your energies, balance your chakras and guarantee your well-being!

The accessories that make it up and the cards that are slipped inside allow you to carry out the rituals, to accompany you in the practice and to take advantage of the beautiful energies that circulate inside you.

To discover in this box :

- 1 stick of white sage and 1 stick of palo santo

- 1 red jasper

- 1 carnelian

- 1 citrine

- 1 green aventurine

- 1 aquamarine

- 1 lapis lazuli

- 1 amethyst

- 1 sheet of cotton crystals

- 4 ritual cards

- Packaging: 100% cardboard. Reusable printed cardboard box with printed sleeve. Cardboard wedge
- Dimensions: 30 cm x 20 cm x 5.2 cm

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