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Scented candle e: Red Dragon

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Dragon blood scented candle: a spicy aromatic scent bringing good luck, success and love.

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Dragon Blood Candle


A blood red candle in the shape of a dragon head for your draconic rituals!


Dragon blood: one of the most powerful incense: increases power, purification, protection, consecration, and development of energies.

Increases magical power and serves as a base to amplify the power of other incense.

Allows to drive away and chase away demons.

Beneficial for attracting love


Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Day : Tuesday


Candle composed of a mixture of palm wax and soy wax infused in essential oils.


Hand-crafted molded


Height: 6 cm

Width of 7 cm 

Depth: 11 cm

unit weight of about 140 grs.


They are of superior quality and long lasting (about 35 hours).



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