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Mayan Copal - Ethno tribal incense

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Maya Copal incense is used in purification rituals. It has a stimulating, clear and woody fragrance. Ideal for cleansing negative energies and bringing about positive changes.

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Copal promotes an aspiration towards spirituality and is used as a protective and purifying agent.



- Promotes spirituality

- Purification

- protection

- Meditation

- Healing

- Soothing

Planet: Sun

Element : Fire

Copal is a tree resin that comes from trees of the Buresa family, a medicinal and sacred tree for the Maya of southern Mexico.

Deities: Quetzalcoatl

Feathered Serpent: The Aztec serpent, Quetzalcoatl, a powerful god considered the protector of the world. The god of learning and knowledge, creativity, fertility, and the patron god of priesthood in Aztec culture.


    Composition: Quality hand-rolled incense sticks made from resin and plant material.
    Burning time: Approximately 30 minutes
    Weight: 15 grs
    Height: 23.5 cm

A prayer of purification

    I release all energies that are no longer

    for my greater good.

    I ask that only love, light, health, wealth

    happiness and abundance fill my space.

    And so it is.

About Ethno Tribal:

The Aztec Sun Stone
Known as the 'Stone of the Five Ages', the Sun Stone is a monolithic Aztec sculpture made of basalt stone created sometime between the late 15th and early 16th centuries.
It is an outstanding example of Aztec folklore and its understanding of the cosmos.
It is probably the best known archaeological piece of Aztec culture.
Although the stone is commonly referred to as the 'calendar stone', its exact use and purpose is still unclear.
It represents the sky, as the Aztecs worshipped this powerful god.
The Aztec sun represents life.


Banjara's commitments

    Banjara incense is environmentally friendly.
    They are made entirely by hand.
    Every purchase of Banjara products supports the livelihoods of indigenous workers in India
    Every purchase of Banjara products supports the association.
    We do not test any of our products on animals.
    The quality of our products is always our top priority.

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