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Wheel of the Year

Lugnasad or the Harvest Festival or Lammas



The maturity of fire is at its peak during the month of August, solar month par excellence thanks to Gaia and his fire spirits.


Lugnasad celebrates his King who celebrates his Mother.  We celebrate peace, friendship, abundance and prosperity. 


It is time to reap what we have sown: enrich your life, enjoy the fruits of your labour and prepare yourself to face winter.


To do: corn doll, pick the first fruits and plant their seeds, scatter offerings in the fields...


Divinities in the spotlight: Lugh, Démeter, Cérès


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Postcard from Amandine Labarre celebrating the feast of Lug, August 1
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Eté - 1st August - quietude Period, where one rejoices at the fruit of his toil, time of the harvests, marriages and tournaments.
Green apple brings happiness and success, attracts love and ensures longevity
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Hanging air freshener from the Dragons of the Sabbaths collection with illustrations by Anne Stokes
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