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leopard jasper - Rolled stone

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The leopard jasper symbolizes suppleness, cunning. it is conducive to expansion, escape

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Rolled stone: Jasper leopard - The stone of Jasper or "supreme protector" brings its energy, support and serenity in difficult times.

Properties: Leopard jasper symbolizes suppleness, cunning and discretion. It is conducive to expansion, escape. Leopard jasper is a relaxing stone that reduces summertime and purifies the aura.

He encourages us to move towards our goals and to achieve them wisely. It has a stimulating effect. Allows concentration, communication. Develops resilience, dispels anxiety and gives courage.
Jasper Leopard, favours premonitory dreams.


Helps digestion - reduces burns and pain - Boosts the immune system - Avoids cramps and nightmares (placed under the pillow)


Chakras: Plexus


Divinities: It helped shamans connect with their animal spirit, their totem pole


Planet: Earth: Earth


Cleaning: Salt distilled water - Quartz deposits

Reloading: Sun - Moon


Description: Its name comes from the multiple circular spots that cover a chalcedony base. It is therefore an orbicular jasper. It exists in almost all colours, mainly with red, yellow, brown and pink spots, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, France and Australia.




On no account minerals cannot nor have to substitute themselves for your medical treatment. The indications and the diverse properties which can be found lithothérapie there relate especially to the tradition, for generally noticed, but unchecked effects scientifically. In case of medical, alone problems your doctor is authorized to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.

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