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» » » » Incense cup with resin : Positive Vibration

Incense cup with resin : Positive Vibration

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In a small, easy to burn charcoal cup, resin mixing will be a breeze to use. Each box includes 10 resin cups and a holder

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Resin cups: Positive vibration

Resin cups are small handmade pots made of charcoal and 100% natural resins. They can be used daily to raise positive energy and remove all negativity from the environment. They are ready-to-light incenses that help improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety and much more.

Each box contains 10 resin cups of 10grs each (charcoal and resin) and a holder.


Light the cup, let the flame burn for a few moments and then blow it out. Place the cup on the holder.
Place the cup on a fire and heat resistant surface only.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not leave the burnt cup unattended.

Be careful, the ash catcher becomes extremely hot.

When burning completely, the cup will leave a mark on the base.

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