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Glasses of the 4 elements

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Set of 4 tea glasses representing the 4 elements

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Tea glasses: 4 elements


To create the protection circle, place the lenses at the 4 cardinal points according to their correspondences. You can place a tealight candle or an object evoking the Element (water, earth, incense ...). 




Earth : Regeneration

To be placed in the North

In the glass: Green candle - Salt - Earth 


Air: Change

To be placed in the East

In the glass: Yellow candle - Incense - Feather


Fire: Transformation

To be placed in the South

In the glass: Red candle


Water: Emotions

To be placed in the West

In the glass: Blue candle - Liquid (water, wine, floral water ...)



Material : Glass 


Dimensions : 

Height : 6 cm

Diameter: 5 cm


Caution, the glass is conductive: do not touch glass containing a lit candle. Wait a few minutes after extinguishing the candle before touching the glass.


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