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Brazilian garnet

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Stone of mystery, the Garnet establishes bridges between the dimensions

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Rolled stone: Garnet Pyrope

Stone of mystery, the Garnet establishes bridges between the dimensions. Also a transmutation stone of the love passion

Properties: Garnet brings and strengthens contact with vital energy and creation. It promotes the memory of previous lives and the work of regression - It establishes bridges between dimensions - Transmutation stone of love passion - Pyrope garnet is useful for all those who have a task to fill and therefore success depends mainly on Their know-how. It brings vitality and charisma. He makes every effort to ensure that the individual is in possession of all his means; Courage, creativity, physical and psychic strength. It is an excellent anchor.

Lithotherapy: Protecting injuries and poisoning, stopping bleeding - helps to strengthen the vital system - also help to reinforce sexual energy if it turns out to be failing or unbalanced.

Chakras: Crown - Root

Deities: Fire Stone
Divinities linked to love and vitality

Cleaning: water
Reload: Sun - Quartz Cluster - Amethyst Geode

Description: They are composed of aluminum silicate and iron, Fe3 Al2 Si3, O12. A rock loaded exclusively with garnet is called a grenatite. The deposits are in Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil, India, Austria ...



On no account minerals cannot nor have to substitute themselves for your medical treatment. The indications and the diverse properties which can be found lithothérapie there relate especially to the tradition, for generally noticed, but unchecked effects scientifically. In case of medical, alone problems your doctor is authorized to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.

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