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Fumigation Stick: White Sage & Cannelle

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The power of white sage and sweetgrass! Both herbs are famous among the Indians for their purifying effect

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White Sage and Sweetgrass Stick

White sage is known for its cleansing power. Its scent is penetrating and spicy. Some people have to get used to it. Sweetgrass, on the other hand, has a sweet, fresh and friendly smell. You might associate this scent with caramel or ice cream. Sweetgrass is also known as "holy grass".

The sweet scent of holy grass is a good complement to the ubiquitous scent of white sage. Both herbs are famous among Indians for their purifying effect. Sweetgrass is a type of broad herb that is braided before being added to the purifying herbs.

The advantage of smudging is that you use the herbs in a pure, dried form. You can use a smudging bowl or shell to burn them. Put a few sprigs of sweetgrass and white sage on it and light it. Wait for them to burn, then blow on the flame.

The expulsion of negative energy and unwanted odours works when you open a window. In this way, the bad energy escapes and you will have a healthy climate in your home. It is always important to ventilate when burning incense or herbs.

You can spread and direct the fragrance around you with a feather. Always be careful when burning incense or mud sticks in the presence of animals and small children.

Size: 11 cm x 3 cm

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