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Fumigation kit: Purification

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Sacred smoke" kit by Sagrada Madre handcrafted. A box containing everything you need to enhance energy purification

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This Sagrada Madre Purification "Sacred Smoke" set is handcrafted with 4 vegetable coals, aromatic pearls, aromatic herbs, natural resins, essential oils and a natural binder.

A pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.

All products in the Kit are 100% natural, ecological and handcrafted.


Jasmine - revitalizing and inviting to love

Frankincense - purifying and liberating

Copal - purifying and healing

Sage - harmonizing and invigorating

Palo santo - purifying and energizing

When the fragrances of this Humito Kit are diffused into the environment, you will experience the invigorating aroma of sage, the healing power of copal resin and the love-inducing scent of jasmine. This exquisite combination will enable you to receive the purification you desire.

Explanatory leaflet with declaration of intent and positive affirmations in Spanish


Smudges are excellent for outdoor use. But if you have sufficient air and ventilation, they can also be used indoors.

A lot of purifying smoke is released (really), which likes to be supported by fresh air from outside so that renewed energy also flows into the "literal" and "everyday".

When you've used these fumigation sticks outside, it can also be nice to bring that energy back inside during burning.




1-Light the activated smudge pill with a lighter or candle. You don't need charcoal.

2-Place in a non-flammable container that doesn't heat up with heat, it can be ceramic, cement or stone.

3-Clean the whole house or the room where you want to do the energy cleaning.

4- Wait for the leftovers to cool before throwing them away. You can throw them in a pot, as they are leftovers from natural products and the ash provides nutrients for plants.

Duration: The charcoal stays lit for up to 15 minutes after the natural herbs have been consumed.

Use in a heat-resistant container.
Keep away from flammable materials.
Do not leave burning unattended.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not burn near smoke alarms.
Ventilate well.
Store in a cool, dry place.

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