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» » » Energy healing pendulum : Lapis Lazuli

Energy healing pendulum : Lapis Lazuli

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Pendulum of divination and energetic care in natural stone for esoteric research and occult practices of all kinds : Lapis Lazuli

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Faceted pendulum : Lapis Lazuli


The "Stone of Heaven" is a formidable stone of wisdom that strengthens your intuition and your physical abilities. Lapis Lazuli allows you to overcome preconceived ideas, difficulties and inner conflicts. This stone favours both the identification of our knots and the open-mindedness necessary to work out solutions leading to their resolution.

3rd chakra : Communication - Inner peace - Detection of evils


The Conical Mineral Pendulum is a powerful energy collector, which has the advantage of being very quickly charged with energy, whatever the stone used. Assembled in different natural stones, it favours the perception but also the reception of different energies.

Assembled from a faceted natural stone and a zinc and copper alloy support, making this pendulum magnificent and full of finesse.

Choose the stone which will allow you to direct your research and actions according to their properties.


Size: 7 cm x 1 cm

Chain length: 18 cm




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