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» » » Pentagram pendant - Dendritic agate
This pendant combines the protective power of the pentacle and the self-esteem of the dendritic agate.
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Pentagram pendant - Dendritic agate

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Combine strength and protection with this black agate jewel.

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Dendritic Agate Pendant : Pentagram


This magnificent natural stone pendant combines the power of inner peace of the agate tree and the powerful symbols of protection of the pentacle. To wear in moments of doubt and underestimation.


Dimensions : 
Height: 4 cm
Width: 3 cm
Weight : 20 grs


Composition :
dendritic agate pebble
gold engraving

sold without chain


Symbolism Pentagram : 

The pentagram is considered THE magic symbol par excellence. It represents the 4 elements of life (Water, Earth, Air and Fire) as well as the Spirit, the invisible, the source of occult power. The pentacle allows us to harness the full potential of our power


Properties Dendritic Agate :

This stone is also called Agate Tree, because of the patterns formed by its inclusions. Very sweet, it is particularly active on the morale and the lack of self-love. To be used in case of sadness and depressive tendency. It neutralizes everything that is stagnating and poisoning us emotionally. It also helps to get rid of guilt, shame. It allows us to make peace with ourselves. It strengthens our connection to the earth, helps us to communicate and to think logically.

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