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» » » Pendulum orgonite : Lapis Lazuli
Pendulum in natural stone of conical shape
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Pendulum orgonite : Lapis Lazuli

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Natural stone pendulum - The orgonite pendulum can be used for both dowsing and lithotherapy

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Faceted orgonite pendulum :  Lapis Lazuli



Considered by the Egyptians as a stone for the travel of the soul of the deceased, it allows in a word the overcoming. Overcoming preconceived ideas, difficulties and inner conflicts, this stone favours both the identification of our knots and the open-mindedness necessary to work out solutions leading to their unravelling.

Orgonites are a combination of semi-precious stones, resin and metal particles. They are known to fight against electromagnetic pollution, but also to increase the vibratory rate of a place or a person. It would accumulate negative energies to send them back in positive energies.


Size: 6.2 x 1.7 cm

Chain length: 15 cm




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