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Pendulum in natural stone of conical shape
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Péndulo cónico: Ónix

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Natural stone Pendulum - The pendulum cone is ideal to learn the practice of dowsing

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Natural stone clock: Onyx



Plunge into deep introspection in order to confront the being with its qualities as well as its difficulties. Protects from external influences and negative energies. Develops a sense of reality and responsibility. Beware the onyx is a double-edged sword, worn for too long, it can bring sadness, fear, boredom. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Protects against black magic and spells.

Keeps nightmares away

The Cone Pendulum is ideal for familiarising yourself with the practice of dowsing. Its shape connects it symbolically to the energy of the earth, thus favouring perception and reception. The properties of faceted cone-shaped divination clocks are closely related to their minerals. Indeed, their properties will be amplified thanks to their facets.

Each being possesses latent psychic powers. Radiesthesia belongs to them. More precisely in the field of clairvoyance.

Size :3.5 x 1.7 cm

Chain length: 16 cm

Silver plated metal



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