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Carved stone : Totem animal

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Select the totem animal that inspires you, get to know it and enjoy the vibrations of its natural stone
natural stone by keeping it close to you

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True spiritual guides, totem animals accompany each of us on a daily basis. Made of natural stone, your totem animal will guide you while you benefit from the virtues of its natural stone.

6 different totem animals in natural stone (approx. 4 x 2.5 cm):

    Cat (labradorite), curious and courageous, likes to explore the unknown with confidence
    Owl (rock crystal), discreet and observant, it has a highly developed intuition that allows it to see further than the visible.
    Frog (amethyst), symbol of renewal, it represents the ability to adapt.
    Rabbit (agate), lively and shy by nature, it is a very intelligent animal that shows creativity in the face of adversity.
    Wolf (lapis lazuli), very intelligent and eager for freedom, it always trusts its instinct to understand the world around it and thus make decisions.
    Bear (red jasper), a great wise man with strength, the bear represents power and charisma.

Sold individually

Individual box in printed cardboard with transparent sleeve.

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