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Brass singing bowl : Tree of Life

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Brass singing bowl, blue, 09cm diameter decorated with a tree of life. To accompany you in your meditations or rituals, choose this superb singing bowl

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Singing bowl :  Tree of Life



Dating back to the Bronze Age, this traditional Tibetan object is surrounded by legend and mystery. Its unique sound promotes inspiration, relaxation and meditation.

Singing bowls or Tibetan bowls are a particular form of inverted bell without a clapper that is resonated with a mallet

Tibetan bowls are singing instruments that can be used in two very specific ways to make their sound resonate. To summarise, you can use it either by :

    by striking it with a bare or felt-covered wooden mallet, or other material, as you would a gong; you simply tap the outside of the bowl with the mallet and let the bowl resonate. This is the simplest and most intuitive way to make a Tibetan bowl resonate.
    by slowly turning a mallet, a wooden stick, sometimes covered with leather or rubber, on the outer edge of the bowl. You can first tap the outside of the bowl to make it resonate and then rub the mallet vertically around the sides of the bowl. Or you can simply rub. This also allows you to create new harmonies of sound and to exploit the full potential of the singing bowl.

It is important not to turn the mallet quickly. It is not the speed that gives the effectiveness of the vibration of the singing bowl. It is the right position that creates the vibration. It is a question of centrifugal force, like satellites orbiting the Earth. If you want them to move away from the Earth, you give them speed. If you turn the mallet too fast around the bowl, it will no longer vibrate but will hit with an unpleasant sound. You can start the vibration by turning a little quickly to get it going, but once you have found it, you need to slow down as much as possible5.

It should be noted that some bowls are more or less difficult to make sing. The choice of a bowl6 is a personal one, depending on one's sensitivity to one or other of the bowl's sounds.


Diameter 9 cm - Height 5 cm

Mailoche: wood and leather (length 12cm)

Composition: brass






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