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Black salt

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Use black salt to purify, protect and banish negative energies. A must in every witch's bag of tricks.

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Black salt is used to banish the negative and build protection. It is an essential tool for absorbing bad energies.



This can be done by either spreading a thin line at the windows and doorway or by drawing a circle of protection by running it counter-clockwise while spreading black salt.

If you want to keep a particular person out of your home, sprinkle the black salt on the front door with the person's name and the reason for keeping them out.

You can also use it to make protection bags, draw your circle, around your bed to banish nightmares

Attention: do not use this food to eat, because it contains among other things metal dust to fix negative energies.

Presentation: 50 grs of black salt in a glass bottle closed by a cork - 8 x 5 cm


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