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Is of use to the clear-sightedness, the spiritual communication - Realization - Cure

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Incense: Armoise


Armoise commune or Armoise citronnelle (Artemisia vulgaris) is a species of perennial herbaceous plants of the family Asteraceous or Compound (Asteraceae).  This plant has been known since antiquity. The Gauls called it "ponema", but its genus comes from the Latin name of the goddess Artemis, who also had the role of protecting sick women.


Also called Herb of Fire, it will bring you:

Purification - Purification

Protection - Protection


To transmit good energies

To be burned at the summer solstice during a ritual to discover our inner self and remain with the messages of our unconscious.


Gods / Goddess: Diana - Artemis


Planet: Sun


Element: Fire / Air / Water


Sold in sachet of 20 g


Herbs for burning on charcoal or storing in cloth bags - Ideal for your rituals or magical works

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